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Our Services


Our mission is to provide Advocacy for Safety, Empowerment, Healing and Freedom from Abuse. Project: SAFE offers free and confidential services that are client-focused and trauma-informed. We specialize in individualized, client-centered services related to domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking and dating violence. Funded through the Office of the Attorney General, Victims of Crimes Act (VOCA), Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), and United Way, we strive to provide compassionate and timely advocacy for victims as they seek help and guidance.

What We Offer


Crisis Hotline

Project: SAFE provides a 24/Hr. Crisis Hotline that enables victims of abuse to speak with a trained
Advocate day or night. Callers can receive assistance with safety planning, referrals to resources, help finding safe shelter, request a Sexual Assault Nurse Exam, among other relevant services. If you are
seeking safety from an abusive situation, please contact our Crisis Hotline at 800.821.9953 and a caring Advocate will be ready to assist you.


Safety Planning

Project: SAFE upholds safety for victims above all else. You might be in a situation that is not safe, but you don’t see a way out. Our trained advocates can assist you to develop a comprehensive plan to be safe. Safety plans are individualized for every person, as each situation is different. If you feel you are in an unsafe situation with a family member, partner or another individual, please contact our hotline or office and speak to an advocate to explore your options.


Emergency Shelter

Project: SAFE’s mission centrally focuses on freedom for victims of abuse. The Freedom House is our
emergency shelter for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, dating violence and stalking who are seeking safety from their situation. The shelter runs continually and is staffed by trained, professional advocates with years of experience handling abusive situations involving victims. If you are seeking safe
shelter from an abusive situation, please contact our Crisis Hotline at 800.821.9953.


SANE (Sexual Assault Nurse Exam) Advocacy

Advocacy for victims during a Sexual Assault Nurse Examination (SANE) is a free and confidential service provided by Project: SAFE that allows for a more trauma-focused and client-centered experience for victims. SANE’s can be scary and uncomfortable for a victim of sexual assault. Compassionate staff from
Project: SAFE are trained to provide comfort measures and help answer questions during the exam. If you have been a victim of sexual assault, you can receive a SANE through the One Safe Place Family Justice Center in Shawnee with or without Law Enforcement involvement (excluding minors). Please contact our Crisis Hotline for immediate assistance at 800.821.9953.


Domestic Violence Advocacy

We offer 15-week DV education classes that help clients who need to complete a DHS individualized service plan. Our DV education course is free and open to anyone who has an interest in learning more about the cycle of domestic violence and strategies on how to
overcome their victimization and break free from abuse. Our trained Community Adult Advocate also facilitates DV groups and provides individualized advocacy for victims that may include court, law enforcement interviews and community and legal referrals.


Protective Order Filing Assistance

Project: SAFE provides free assistance with filing for emergency protective orders and victim protective orders. A protective order granted by a judge can provide long-
term protection to an individual who has been threatened, abused, physically or sexually assaulted,
harassed, or stalked by an intimate partner, spouse, immediate family member living in the home. , or is
the family member of a homicide victim.


Court Advocacy

Victims who receive services from Project: SAFE and attend court are accompanied by a trained advocate. The Court Advocate assists with PO filings, court prep, and appears in court whenever a client must attend. As well, the Court Advocate is well acquainted with the local courts in order to provide well-informed court advocacy and engagement.


Sexual Assault Advocacy

In addition to advocacy at SANE’s, Project: SAFE also employees a Sexual Assault Advocate that provides follow-up, individualized services to primary and secondary victims of sexual assault. Sexual Assault education along with groups. Refer to our sexual assault page for more information:


Stalking Help

Project: SAFE also provides resources for victims of stalking. Stalking is defined as: two or more incidents of harassment or persecution of an individual with unwanted and obsessive attention that causes the individual to feel fear. Fear is the key descriptor for defining “stalking” behavior. If you believe you are being stalked, contact our office at 405.273.9953 for assistance.


Outreach and Education

Project: SAFE’s mission also incorporates outreach and education. We strive to
educate the public about our services and the impact of domestic violence on children, families and ultimately the community. As well, Project: SAFE also provides education on specific topics that can be tailored to a target audience. We also love attending outreach events, so catch us out in the community
and please invite us to your event!


Community Advising/Awareness

One-way Project: SAFE assists victims are by providing awareness and advising to community groups and individuals on the impact of abuse. Sexual assault is prevalent and devastating to victims. Domestic violence not only impacts that individual, it impacts our community. Victim blaming leads to free perpetrators and a continued cycle of abuse.

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